What is Vocos ICO? Presale Details and more

A VOCOS ICO is an initial coin offering.

A VOCOS presale will be conducted for 1 day allowing members to buy in cheap. A presale allows you to purchase tokens before the ICO officially starts. This gives you a better chance of getting the tokens without competition and at a lower price.

There are many benefits to joining a Vocos presale. The token price is usually cheaper, the bonuses are higher, and you get access to tokens before they’re available to the public.

An ICO is a fundraising mechanism where an organization issues tokens or coins to the public. This is usually done on a blockchain platform that provides transparency and enables cryptocurrencies to be transferred quickly, cheaply, and securely.

ICOs are made available to members of the public who wish to support the project so they can access the new coin or token at a discounted rate before trading starts. To buy into one.