Bounty Program

Bounties are rewards in Vocos for community that helps us to rectify our mistakes.

Bounty Program

February 6, 2022 2022-02-07 20:35

Improving Vocos Ecosystem

Welcome to a new age of Bounties. If you have a skill as a writer, graphic designer or a code, you can earn unlimited bounties.


We will be more delighted if you rectify our content mistakes including grammer and spellings. You can also send fresh content or rewrite existing content to make it more meaningful.


We love Graphics. If you are a good designer, we would love to see your expertise. Whether a ting image or a banner, any improvement in the existing graphics is welcomed. Don't forget, that you are getting bounties.


We are looking for great Video makers, who can introduce Vocos to the community in a better way, or if you think some page needs a video. Then do it. We will award you for making videos but make it with good sound and quality.


We can't list Vocos to every coin site on the planet. We don't know all the languages too. So, if you list Vocos on any site, submit the form below to get a reward.

We want your expertise too

If you are pro in field that can help Vocos to grow, then put your part here and help the development process of Vocos while earning bounties.

“The days of intimidating & confusing Blockchain companies are finally over!”

“I got the best bounties in the blockchain industry by contributing in the development of Vocos!”

Diane Jones


“Thank you Vocos Team for sending me good bounties for helping them in content/graphics and more.

Carl Correa

“I list Vocos on multiple coin listing websites and earned great bounties”

Leonie Vega

Your expertise can earn you rewards



A bounty is a reward given to any user who helps in improving the Vocos Ecosystem anyway.

We will pay bounties in Vocos coins. You can fill the form for each improvement below and win it. Don’t forget to fill the wallet part below.

Unlimited. Yes, you heard us right. You can win unlimited bounties.

The reward will be selected by management and will be given on the basis of efforts you put in. For example, a spelling mistake has less reward than improving the content structure of a post. Rewards will be given in 24 hours.

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Bounty Program
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